Do you want the guidance and direction of a dedicated, championship level Jiu-Jitsu Coach, without having to get to a gym multiple times per week?

My easy to follow training progressions will teach you exactly what you need to learn, in exactly the order you need to learn it. So that you and your family, or you and your buddies can get all the benefits of a structured training program, without having to commit to a gym.


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Who is Coach Jordan, and how can I benefit from what he has to offer?

Whats up guys. My name is Jordan. Most of my students call me "Coach". I am the owner of The Jiu Jitsu Mill in Port Chester, NY. I am a first degree BJJ Black belt under Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa. And I am an IBJJF Pan Am Champion. Like most gyms around the world, I too was forced to close up shop cause of Corona.

In order to ensure my students continued to get all the benefits of training during this unfortunate time, I created for them virtual, periodized training progressions so that they would waste no time, effort or frustration continuing to develop their game, or even learn from scratch (I had a bunch of students just enroll not even a week prior to having to shut down!) right from home while they could not get to the gym. I wanted to make sure that my students and their families not only had a productive outlet for their energy and stress during Quarantine, but that when it was time to get back to the mats, everyone had remained motivated, in shape and continued making killer progress.

The abundance of online libraries and DVD's out there are great. But they do not teach you in any sort of logical progression that clearly explains what, and how much to drill, in exactly the order you need to drill it, like a series of private lessons, so that you can develop as fast as possible. I did not want my students wasting a ton of valuable time, money and effort combing through mounds of information or mis-information on the internet without me there to guide them, only to put the pieces together in the wrong order. I ended up getting a ton of super positive feedback, plus the programs also give my students streamlined access to my personal coaching. So I wanted to make same benefits and guidance available to everyone who has been forced out of a gym cause of Corona, or to folks who just don't feel comfortable going back to the gym yet, or to families who live too far to get to a gym regularly, or to folks who'd rather just train with their buddies most of the time, but still want structured guidance without having to commit to paying tuition at any one gym.

If you want me to show you in a crystal clear progression exactly what to do so that you and/or your kids can waste absolutely no time, effort or frustration learning Jiu Jitsu from home as fast as possible, grab yourself the first two weeks of my 25 Week Bulletproof Foundations Program for FREE by clicking below. I know you're gonna dig it, and you'll also get a special discount on the rest of the program when it drops in a couple weeks.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

- Coach Jordan

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pe·ri·od·iz·at·ion noun : strategic implementation of specific training phases

pro·gres·sion noun: the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state

"Yesterday I did the entire movement development module of level 2...That’s when I realized how much progress my body has made during this odd month... my body is moving way better, doing things I couldn’t do before (Like the arm lock, finally!!!..). Also way more fluid on connecting moves. Wanted to thank you and let you know cause you may not be able to see the thrill from the little screen. Thanks for working so hard for us, Coach. I mean it. Thank you. Oss."

- PJ Pereira (47 y/o white belt)

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